Welcome to Selling Solutions Cambridge

Back in 2007 we started out with a vision to become a bespoke house designing service for Cambridge and Ely.

We have spent the last decade working on a unique approach to design and build. We work closely with builders, estate agents, contractors, and local planning offices to generate a project which protects your investment.

Since we began, our focus is fundamentally a personal one. Every project has different drivers, whether it is family growth, increase the asset value, remodel to realise its full potential or construction for profit. The driving factors heavily influence the design, and one plot of land will always yield several solutions. Our goal is to find the solution that is right for you.

Experienced Staff

Over a decade of experience in planning and design in the Cambridgeshire are



Services are tailored by you, we will do as much or as little as you want to see your project through



We work alongside surveyors, land agents, planning consultants and estate agents to evaluate projects and obtain the best outcome

Householder Planning

For householder clients, our free consultation is the first step to evaluating the project. We aim to work with you to set the primary and secondary considerations for the project and formulate a design criteria from that. We use a rapid floorplan generation tool that allows us to create alternative layouts on site, giving immediate visualisation to your ideas.

Once a direction is chosen, the project becomes split into two parts. Planning forms the first requirement, and we can advise on whether a project requires planning or if it can be moved on under permitted development. If planning is required, we will submit the application, manage the process and where applicable attend meetings.

The second part is to achieve building regulations compliance, which consists of the detailed drawings and specifications required for the build, and in most cases, it is these drawings that any builder or contractor will give you to achieve a formal quotation for any building project. We can recommend contractors if needed, having used a small team of existing contractors for several years.

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